Those who say ISIS represent Islam

Those who say ISIS represent Islam

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Ahmed Jamil Who is funding and supporting them ???
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Gloria Gonzalez
Gloria Gonzalez hmmmmmmm, I smell Obama/hillary/and there wealthy backers…………….
Yussif Sumaila
Yussif Sumaila They’re mossad agents nothing more
George Billing
George Billing I would say then Ali you are right on the money. Add to this group of non-Muslims a small brainwashed percentage of brainwashed wackes out Muslims that have been indoctrinated by those non-Muslims into doing their own bidding.
Zamzam Abdi

Zamzam Abdi Well these beasts are real treat to the humanity and real terrorist group,who sucks our blood and mind. They make us fight like wild hogs and their plans worked,they molested every religion and politics,spiritual,culture,peace,love,and humanity. 

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