$40 billion aid package to Israel is ‘largest ever’ to any country, says Susan Rice – UPI.com

U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the proposed  aid package to Israel is larger than any the United States has ever offered to any country.

Source: $40 billion aid package to Israel is ‘largest ever’ to any country, says Susan Rice – UPI.com

jesus mary and joseph!$40 billion and ISRAEL IS SELF SUPPORTING MY FUCKING ARSE!A GRAIN OF SAND AND A MOUNTAIN OF US BLOOD MONEY BUILT ISRAEL, PARASITES LEACHES. SUCKING THE LIFE BLOOD OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST .To form a greater Israel they will have their pound of flesh will they not Shylock Many pounds,kilos ,metric tonnes.Stalin killed 25 million in his genocide ,Hitler a mere 5and a half million.it has been stated by (yes here is that man again Maurice )our reliable source that now there are 13 million Jews on this planet. If Stalin had only killed 5 and a half million  and Hitler had killed 25 million . There would not have been the slaughter of the  Palestinian Muslims they would have continued to peacefully coexist with the other  faiths.Still if pots and pans were ifs and ans ther,d be no need for tinkers.

The end product would still have been a total of over 30 million dead and 68 years of peace harmony and coexistence, this is all conjecture of course because what we have is 68 years of Israeli style a partied and genocide.I CAN ONLY SAY THERE IS A TINY LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL I ONLY WISH I AM STILL ALIVE TO SEE THE BLINDING FLASH OF FREEDOM FOR THE PALESTINIANS .Sadly the reteric coming from the Zionist Jews would say otherwise. quote “non Jews are sub human , god says they are our slaves.ISRAELI CABINET MINISTER QUOTE”kill all Palestinians they are snakes their baby snakes must be killed also we have to exterminate all of them”rabbi in charge of the Jewish red star(JEWISH RED CROSS) Jewish, soldiers must be allowed to rape non Jews as long as after they are cleansed from being able to reproduce. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT IN THESE TIMES OUR SOLDIERS CAN RELIEVE THEIR STRESS This is what is being taught to the new moral army of Israel.

Just remember (it,s that man again maurice) facts not theories have been stated and proved that the U S A and Israel control ,fund, train ,and Israel buys black market oil from Isis,treat their wounded,what you will get now from that man again is a smokescreen of distraction of everybody else,s violations but proof that ISRAEL IS NOT RUNNING ISIS WITH THE U S A  NO, SLIPPERY ,SLIMY WRIGGLE WRIGGLE THE JEWISH PROPAGANDA SNAKES OH HOW THEY WIGGLE.


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