9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Crime scenes were destroyed. Eye-witness accounts & the outrageous money trail were completely ignored – GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

 Make no mistake – mainstream media aired two versions of 9/11, both so far removed from each other you

Source: 9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Crime scenes were destroyed. Eye-witness accounts & the outrageous money trail were completely ignored – GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Anti conspiracy theorist and self confessed Zionist Jew disputes the 9/11 facts,  Maurice please read  the statements,and watch the videos posted by Michael Aydinian.Then come back with facts not theories disputing the facts stated .I want your version to be the truth, because the real truth is hard to bare,because it is like the domino fall,one domino knocks the next down .So will one theory become fact, and all the other false flag theories will become fact not fiction and frankly its effect on the common person against the powers that be committing these atrocities will literally be earth shattering .We just cannot carry on it has to stop ,they have to be stopped .

please MAURICE BOLAND prove us all wrong , please.


All pre planned of Course as a lot of people know and agree. The towers, motive, to install fear and the want of revenge into the people, result, the loss of the people s freedom etc. Nano thermite planted by Israelis with fake passes to get up and down all floors. The door to the roofs locked so no rescue would take place. Explosions in set places to turn the concrete to powder. Offices with files proving the theft of stolen gold destroyed. The truth is with the firemen and the melted steel denied by the powers that be. Red pieces of Thermite were found all over the city in dust samples. The people of the city, breathed in the asbestos and everything those buildings were made of and of course vaporised humans.
Building 7. I believe the operation was carried out from here by Them. The timing of explosives controlled from there., then the building blown to cover this up . The original stories about this building and the towers are of course shite.
The Pentagon, the war starts here. Chenney in the bunker in the Whitehouse in control to make sure the plane does its job. Was it a plane or a missile or bomb???? The stories of a 16 foot hole are wrong The plane entered at ground floor destroying a new bomb proof office trying to find out where the missing 2.3 Trillion dollars went announced on tv. There was lots of plane parts everywhere as it was shredded on impact and shredded material with huge force continued on right through and out the famous hole picture. There was no plane shot down by a helicopter at the fire service place, the firemen ran as the huge silver plane headed to the wall. Loads of witnesses so this silver passenger plane from other buildings, the street in cars etc. Why all the pictures and film taken isn’t released fuck knows, it would end all this part.
I do not know enough or can find enough or what the purpose of the other plane was except maybe it was heading for the Whitehouse or something. I dont think this plane matters, the job was done. The war for oil, opium and Zionist control of all the middle east was now taking place.
London,7/7. History repeats. Blair and his cabal, get their false flag for the same purpose as America. Big question as far as i am concerned is , did Mountbatten know in advance about the whole thing and did the queen of england give and sign for Blair to go ahead. This would make her a war criminal of course as well as everything else she is such as traitor never lawfully crowned. A public inquiry is needed in the states with All the infamous names under oath before they die off unpunished. The same here including Mountbatten but I cant see this happening. The big disgrace and the biggest crime in this country is supporting her because she gives her governments full consent to all that makes the people suffer. The people are the government and have the power to stop all this and take control. Voting for half daft politicians who are nothing but Zionist controlled puppets does fuck all. None of them, if they know the truth about Mountbatten have the gonades to say anything. So its into 2016 and more shite will happen to us that we ll moan about and most of the moaners will continue to support the person guilty of doing it to them. Wake up people Power to the People. the Revolution starts at the palace gates.















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