Monday, 4 April 2016
3/4/2016 18:30


The buffoon is still getting it all wrong he believes that because 15 Israeli solders committed suicide therefore this is something worth posting on his hateful uneducated blog.(TJ SAYS  YES I do believe it is worth posting 15 IOF SOLDIERS DIED BY THEIR OWN HAND BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT FACE WHAT ATROCITIES THEY WERE FORCED TO COMMIT.AS REGARDS the number diminishing against 29 veterans of other forces taking their own lives,and the implication is that it is very common and not worth mentioning.I FIND THIS ATTITUDE IMMORAL,EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND WORTH MENTIONING ESPECIALLY AS THE CAUSE AND EFFECT IS DIRECTLY CREATED BY THE ORDERS THAT ARE GIVEN TO THESE SOLDIERS.REMEMBER IOF ARE CONSCRIPTS THEY HAVE TO SERVE, BRITISH SOLDIERS ARE NOT IT IS THEIR CHOICE,.IT IS STILL A TOTAL WASTE OF LIFE.)

Well here’s something that the circus clown should have published if he had bothered to do any research:
An investigation by the BBC’s Panorama found at least 29 veterans took their own lives last year, bringing the total number of suicides to 50 compared with 40 soldiers who died in action in Afghanistan during the same period’.

If he also bothered to research other armed forces world wide he might, if that’s possible, begin to understand that this is very common in the army etc.

Mr G ‘your eyes on the world’

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