Who killed Suzy Lamplugh?


Who killed Suzy Lamplugh?

Suzy Lamplugh

In July 1986 estate agent Suzy Lamplugh disappeared from the face of the earth.

She has never been found.

Was her disappearance linked to Britain’s notorious VIP paedophile ring?

We now know that Jimmy Savile was no lone-wolf stalking the corridors of the BBC.

He was in fact a murderous pimp, procuring children to be abused by high-society filth.

Savile and PhilipChild Killer Mirror Headline

He had very close links to the royals, Intel agencies and both UK and Israeli governments.

Savile famously threatened anybody who crossed his path and boasted that his contacts in the IRA and criminal underworld could be called on to assault or murder his enemies.

Savile, Yorkshire Ripper, Frank Bruno

Some claim he was the real Yorkshire Ripper and the girls who were murdered knew about his child-raping ways and had to be silenced.

He spent a lot of time aboard the QE2, and was once kicked off the ship after allegations that he had attacked a 12-year old girl.

According to the Mirror:

“We may never know the full scale of his abuse, but there are several rumours emerging about his conduct on board cruise ships.” Cunard has now axed a planned sail-by of Savile’s burial site in Scarborough, along with several other commemorations”.

Jimmy Savile QE2

Many staff members, and possibly other passengers, on ship may have been witness to Savile’s paedophilic ways.

On one of Savile’s cruises, a fellow passenger mysteriously fell over board:

” A WOMAN disappeared from the luxury liner QE2 while passengers partied during a pounds 2,000-a-head New Year cruise.

As soon as it was discovered she was missing, the ship sailed back to its last port of call in Madeira – but there was no sign of her.

TV celebrity Jimmy Savile was among those on board for the 16-night Atlantic voyage.

QE2Savile on QE2

Detectives yesterday quizzed passengers and crew about the 62-year-old German woman when the QE2 returned to Southampton docks.

She vanished early on New Year’s Eve as the ship sailed through the Bay of Biscay.The sea was calm. The alarm was raised by her husband.

One passenger said: “We had to return to our cabins while the crew did a head count and a detailed search of the ship. We spent four hours sailing back the way we had come, trying to find her, but it was hopeless.”

Some voices claim that children and adults have been murdered on cruise ships and then thrown overboard.

By a strange coincidence, Cliff Richard also enjoys cruising.

It’s a little known fact that holier than thou Reverend Cliff Richard loves to cruise.

A couple of years after the tragic death of Jill Dando, Reverend Cliff kindly organised a big cruising holiday for his closest chums to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Cliff Richard CruiseJill and Cliff together

He even managed to act as matchmaker and find a new love for Jill’s fiancé, Alan Farthing.

According to the Mail:

” Jill Dando’s former fiance Alan Farthing last night revealed he is taking the first tentative steps of a new romance with a beautiful actress.

Alan Farthing cover up merchant

Handsome gynaecologist Alan is dating 35-year-old Helen Hobson.

The couple met eight months ago on a cruise to celebrate Sir Cliff Richard’s 60th birthday”.

Poor Jill Dando knew all about Jimmy Savile and the paedophile ring operating at the BBC. She was soon shot dead with a bullet to the head to silence her and warn other journalists to keep their mouths shut.

Strangely, Cliff Richard was one of the last people to speak to Jill and was questioned by police at the time of her murder.

Barry George was found innocent of all involvement in Jill’s death and was obviously a fall-guy.

Barry George

Despite being wrongly jailed for 8 years he was cruelly denied compensation in a vile miscarriage of justice.

In 2006, Steve Wright was found guilty of the murders of 5 prostitutes in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Wright has always maintained his innocence of the crimes.

Steve Wright

Were these girls also murdered to silence them and if so who was the real murderer?

The disappearance of , Suzy Lamplugh, has, to this day, never been fully solved. Several theories have been put forward including one claiming that she was killed by notorious serial killer Fred West.

Suzy lived in the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, the home of the vile boy-brothel Elm Guest House, where boys were trafficked from care homes to be abused by VIP filth.


By a strange coincidence sicko MP, Keith Vaz was a solicitor at Richmond Council when the abuse claims surfaced.

Vaz filthRichmond Councilgreville-janner2

Vaz has a long history of covering-up for Britain’s VIP paedophiles, including sadistic boy-rapist Greville Janner, and should be arrested by the MET as a matter of urgency due to his in-depth knowledge of abuse rings in Leicester, Islington and Richmond.

The Mirror recently reported on the Elm Guest House and claims that Princess Diana was aware of abuse allegations there and was in close contact with a victim:

rip-princess-diana1Dianacover-upPhilip Hates Me

” Another victim of the Elm  guest house scandal believes Princess Diana saved his life, the Sunday People has revealed.

The man, now in his forties, met the princess when he was sleeping rough  outside a London church.

He claims he was subjected to horrific abuse at the Elm from the age of 10  while he was in care at Grafton Close children’s home.

Diana gave him food and helped him find a temporary home as he battled to  rebuild his life in his twenties after escaping care.

He left a tribute to Diana at Kensington Palace when she died in the Paris  car crash of 1997.

The man said: “I have rebuilt my life and I owe it all to Diana.

She kept in touch with me even after she’d helped my back on my feet. I have  lost a real friend.”

The man claims he saw money exchanged with his then carer and his abusers at  the Elm guest house before he was taken back to the Grafton Close  home.”

In the comments section of a website discussing a high-level paedophile ring the following statement was made:

Members of SO19 know about the kids home behind Waterloo Station where they used to drop of and collect a senior royal. Good few years ago though!”

The murderous Elm Guest House

Suzy Lamplugh went missing after going to a property in Fulham to meet a mystery client named ‘Mr Kipper’.

In Judaism, the hat worn by Jewish men is known as a Kippah. Jimmy Savile was a devoted friend of Israel and often wore the hat himself.

Jimmy Savile wearing Kippah

Kippah - a Jewish Hat

Jill Dando lived in Fulham and at the time of Jill’s death, the Met linked Suzy’s disappearance to the murder.

Jill Dando Daily Star Headline

According to the BBC:

” The policeman in charge of the Suzy Lamplugh inquiry, Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards, is appointed as the investigating officer in overall charge of the Jill Dando murder case.”

In 2011, Mohamed Al-Fayed claimed that the Royals were involved in the death of Princess Diana. For some unknown reason, he likened Prince Philip to Fred West.

Mohamed Al Fayed Burns Royal WarrantsSavile and PhilipFred West

Some voices claim that Savile procured victims for the Royals to ‘sacrifice’ during Satanic rituals. Others claim that Fred West was a major player in the procurement operation.

On the comments section of a blog the following claims were made:

Jimmy Savile was a satanist,along with Tony Hardman, Ken Bailey, Stephen Paul Merrfield, David Adams and others.  The satanic circle involved people inside and outside the world of entertainment. David Adams murdered Clare Stagg during the 1980s and Sandra Court was murdered after she recognised some well known faces at the Steppes nightclub in Bournemouth.”

Sandra Court

The murder of Sandra Court in 1986 was also linked to that of Suzy Lamplugh but was not pursued by police.

By a strange twist, it emerged during the trial of Steve Wright, that he was once a close work colleague of Suzy Lamplugh.

They had both worked together in the 1980′s aboard a cruise ship.

That cruise ship was the QE2.

Is there more to Savile, the QE2,  the Royals, mysterious murders and innocent patsies than meets the eye?

We haven’t got a bloody clue.

Have you?

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