RADIO JONES listeners this Friday 5th February on Talk Radio Europe….

Good morning to RADIO JONES listeners this Friday 5th February on Talk Radio Europe….

Being the first Friday of the month I will welcome back my co-host, activist and author Ray Woolford for our monthly look at news from across the world.

With that in mind we can go over to the USA to meet a member from inside the ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ camp ‪#‎ShayDavis‬. She describes herself as a recovering ex-Republican and is now a vocal supporter of the only candidate who has the potential to tip ‪#‎HilaryClinton‬ from her lofty perch. Well, with calls for a recount after the first round of elections in Iowa, Shay will speak to us from inside the camp live today.

‪#‎KerryMcCarthy‬ is Labour MP for Bristol East and shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Coming to us live from the UK she will speak about ‪#‎TheFoodWasteReductionBill‬ to require the Secretary of State to establish incentives to implement and encourage observance of the food waste reduction hierarchy; to encourage individuals, businesses and public bodies to reduce the amount of food they waste; to require large supermarkets, manufacturers and distributors to reduce their food waste by no less than 30 per cent by 2025 and to enter into formal agreements with food redistribution organisations.

Then to an update on the piece of international corporate policy making that should have us all out on the streets and shouting. ‪#‎TTIP‬. According to ‪#‎GlobalJusticeNow‬, the European Commission is trying to legitimise the handing of special legal privilege to big business. It’s not about making things fairer, but trying to buy off opposition. It’s an assault on the sovereignty of Britain and the EU. Well now Germany’s largest association of judges and public prosecutors have criticised the set of reforms lending some heavy weight to the growing awareness.

‪#‎TheFoodFoundation‬ is an independent organisation that aims to present solutions to government and the private sector to address the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system. With rising prices, increased global demand, and reduction in productive land, from the field to the fridge, there are new and increasing challenges to Britain’s current public policy on food.
Let’s hear from ‪#‎LauraSandys‬ of the organisation.

And then to the ‪#‎HousingBill‬. ‪#‎NikAntoniades‬ is very interested in promoting reform of housing law so as to return to security of tenure both in the private and public sectors and a return to rent control. In his view it is a no brainer that such a policy will have obvious benefits; not only for tenants, allowing for families to establish roots and stability for children to learn while still allowing landlords to make a reasonable income

In the UK 25% of adults are obese, the highest prevalence in Europe, and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in the past 10 years with no sign of slowing down. Together they cost the NHS £16 billion a year and the UK economy at large £47 billion a year, these perilous percentages and shocking statistics have presented themselves despite the fact that as a population Britons are following the dietary advice that is being recommended. But that’s just it…..the government backed recommendations are wrong, so much so that a group of very emminent GP’s, including ‪#‎DrAseemMalhotra‬, and other medical and nutritional professionals have come together to set up an independent public health charity called the ‪#‎PublicHealthCollaboration‬ (PHC). Director‪#‎SamFeltham‬ will tell us about the essential crowd-funded campaign.

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Ray Woolford
Ray Woolford How we get all this and more in just 2 hour slot , with take on almost every story not being report is mind blowing, especially today, as i have a good awful cold.

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