I wanted to say that the U.S. gov’t is part of the problem in Palestine and has always  been part of the problem since the Yankees support Israel.The USA can never achieve peace while it supports Israel.Israel shouldn’t be recognized by any gov’t in the world because of its war crimes and genocide against the Palestinian People.
One thing that the US excels at is “presentation”, and not just political presentation, the US media industry is unmatched at “presenting” US movies and TV programs that are carefully designed not to offend public opinion while at the same time appealing to the larger market.

It`s supremely good at what it does, American films and TV programs are willingly accepted by the world at large, influencing subconsciously the opinions of the audience.

In the UK, “Trick or Treat” was unknown until ET was shown to participate in that exclusive US pastime,  UK youngsters now regard “Trick or Treat” as a normal British event, and why not, it`s a situation that has occurred throughout history; The days of the week that we use all come from Norse pagan Gods.

In the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s the US media presented communism as the big boogieman, John Wayne made a fortune fighting the pinko communists, all good entertaining stuff and it reinforced anti-Communist sentiment. Hollywood has gone quiet on Commy bashing since China emerged as the future superpower.

Arabs have replaced communists with Muslim Arabs now portrayed as the totally bad guys, strange really as Hollywood used “The Tales of a thousand and one nights” for years as a rich source of scripts portraying the Middle East as a mysterious and romantic place, Rudolph Valentino made a fortune from his Arab acting roles.

The US emerged from WW2 as the worlds superpower, and following the collapse of the USSR became the undisputed world superpower. Like Britain before, US dominance resulted in US influence prevailing, like Britain before, US interests were not always appreciated, indeed like Britain before, US interests were sometimes rejected, and like Britain before the US has been known to impose US interests by force.

Iraq, Libya and Syria have all suffered US force, While other Arab States, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia with regimes as repressive as any, are ignored by The US who regards them as friends.

Zionist Israel is also regarded as a friend, a close friend, of the US and as a friend of the US is immune from Iran type sanctions or Iraq type attacks, that is simply the way of the world, like Britain before the US chooses it`s response to any situation in anyway it want`s and as the current superpower there is nothing anyone can do about it.

US public opinion is strongly supportive of US policies, particularly in the case of Zionist Israel, and the current superpower, with a population of 350 million can easily ignore the opinions of the Middle East with a population of some 400 million, no matter how justified those opinions may be.

Will this situation be permanent?

You can bet your bottom dollar that it won`t, and like Britain before experienced, if you lose your dominant position, you also lose what you had imposed on others  when you had the military force to do so.

The problem for Israel, is Zionism is completely rejected by the Wider Arab world, it`s not a simple problem of Jews or Christians or Muslims, it`s Zionism, which by definition has to conduct Genocidal Apartheid to remain Zionist, with or without the friendship of the US or US public opinion.

The end of Israeli zionism is upon them, as in South  Africa the terrorists nelson mandela became the freedom fighter , then the mediator, peacemaker, and peaceful transition  took place, it is not perfect but neither are we the human race .What is needed in this transition are not one but two leaders to build two states to live peacefully side by side. Zionism must be abolished to succeed in this objective.Humanity must stop this evil grip that the Zionists have over the Palestinians. only then can the people peacefully coexist .As they do in south Africa.

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