The costa del sol, Marbella, Malaga, etc. was (if you believed the estate agents)in the boom times as regards selling property.Not now, though , why?well firstly the criminal element has increased  drug barons, mafia groups moving in buying the expensive properties paying cash literally in used euro notes. drive by shootings of rival mobsters, the white slave trade in brothels. the criminal element is on the increase right down to street level muggings, pickpockets, sexual assault , stolen cars from all European countries are a common site.The effect on the property market was buoyant because both innocent buyers were buying as well as the mobsters were. Now those that have bought are finding that their next door neighbours are not what they seemed to be or what their estate agents told them they were.

They are trying to sell their properties and get out but cannot, word of mouth has got around and prospective buyers are running scared,well I mean to say would you wont the modern day version of al Capone, or scarface lensman-stein living next to you in your million euro mansion, as well as a wild animal reserve. You have the SPANISH VERSION OF THE WILD WEST!!You could say that areas have become no-go ghettos where the average tourist does not go for fear of being robbed, mugged or much worse.

last but not least something they do not tell you when your buying, earth tremors are not uncommon” Wow …. woke up in the middle of the small hours to feel the bed shaking and swaying … the earth definitely did move for me last night (THIS BEING THE 25 JAN)….. Sadly, it was just another earthquake” quote from a person living in the cost del sol.Maybe if you, re buying you should make sure the property is earthquake proof.

The house was moving like a cigarette paper,” said Ricardo Alvarez.

In Melilla, buildings were damaged and frightened residents poured onto the streets.

It is reportedly the fourth biggest earthquake to have ever hit Malaga.

so you see  or should I SAY NOW YOU SEE IT (EARTHQUAKE ) NOW YOU DON,T.

Your lovely mansion is now a big pile of builder,s waste NO problem, have insurance? hmm act of god exclusion. Still I am sure your estate agent when selling you your dream house will point out all these pitfalls and their agents will of course be fully qualified?









  1. I would like to point out that, I have several contacts that are independent of any connection with the estate agents of the costa del sol and their opinions are totally unbiased.Let us just say estate agents will tell you “facts, figures, and names of buyers to promote business well you would-would you not if you are an estate agent.Your not going to mention the likes of the top ten most wanted are thought to be in the costa del sol or shootouts between rival mobsters have taken place, assassinations of rival drug barons, one such case took place in one of the local haunts which were frequented by innocent expats luckily only the target got shot.This establishment catered for tourists and expats with their families .
    Then again I am sure there are totally legitimate persons purchasing properties in the costa del sol, and any estate agent is not going to sell you a property knowing that the vecinos are well dodgy are they?¿?¿?¿


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