Michael Aydinian via The GMM uk – Michael Aydinian

I find it astonishing how so many people assume I’m a Muslim. Even when I tell them I have no interest in ANY religion, often I have to go the whole hog & say – it is my ardent belief Religion is but a concoction of man’s imagination. It has served to divide the human race. Who, after all, needs religion if one possesses sound judgement & a kind heart? However, if all you want to do is pray, that’s fine by me.

I simply care about right & wrong. Religion, nationality & culturedoesn’t come into it. Now I’m not going to go into the ins & outs of who really did 9/11. I can easily prove beyond a shadow of doubt Muslims had nothing to do with it but let’s for now forget all that. Let’s believe the impossible official version of events & say 19 Saudi hijackers were responsible. So…… may I ask a question? Some 2 million Arabs & Muslims have been killed; untold millions have lost their homes. Isn’t this punishment enough?

Evidently not. Amazing as it seems, untold millions of Muslims have no idea they had nothing to do with 9/11. The media was used to make everyone believe they did it when in fact those that own the media were & are inextricably linked to the very people that actually planned & executed 9/11 – dual national Zionists. Yet now the very people responsible for 9/11 are in the process of re-enacting their age old trick – DIVIDE & CONQUER in order to cause even more mayhem.

What they do is fool those who are capable of being fooled into believing they have a common enemy. The politicians in the West are very much part of the coup. Don’t believe Netanyahu, Cameron or anyone else when they try to make out they’re disgusted by the Islamophobia that the media have dutifully manufactured. Please don’t take my word for it. Just ask yourself – are they doing anything to stop the newspapers spreading this filth? NOT A THING!

So I wasn’t surprised when I saw this video of the greatest with Will Smith. However, when I saw this clip on CNN I was absolutely gobsmacked. Fair play to ASHLEIGH BANFIELD for saying how it is. You’ve got to listen to this because seeing is really believing here………….


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