Madeleine McCann: Abduction or Scam?

Madeleine McCann: Abduction or Scam?

I have never doubted Kerry Needham’s sincerely

I have never doubted the parents of the Soham girls Holly and Jessica.

I have never doubted the parents of Sarah Payne.

I have never doubted the parents of Jamie Bulger.

I have NEVER believed Kate and Gerry McCann. .It is NOT because I am nasty. NOT because I am a hater. NOT because I am a ”troll. . .It is because of how Gerry and kate have BEHAVED.

They LIED about the shutters being jemmied and the window open and then had to change their story They said they had left the patio doors open..

They took the twins back to the SAME creche the day after the alleged abduction even though it was likely there was an abductor at large. .

I have NEVER seen any sign of grief for their missing daughter .

They used a much outdated PHOTO of Maddie on their missing posters. .

They LIED about their daughter having a coloboma making that the central part of their MARKETING campaign. .

They NEVER searched for Maddie the night of the ”abduction”.or any other day for that matter. . .Any innocent parent would search until they dropped and not retire to bed to sleep as Kate and Gerry did.

They CLAIMED they left the children alone while they dined. They NEVER asked ,implored .begged others not to make the same mistake.

They set up a ”fighting fund” within days .

They hired four top lawyers.. one an extradition expert..

They set up an online store to sell TACKY memorabilia of their deceased daughter.

They hired DODGY detectives with NO experience in finding missing people..

They hired Image Consultants to plant favourable stories about them in the media. .

They NEVER ONCE made an impassioned plea to the abductor in their many interviews instead taking a defensive stance when asked awkward questions.

They went touring the world and even went to see the Pope yet took no interesting in potential sightings of Maddie. .to the extent of not being able to mention ANY when asked.

They REFUSED to take a polygraph.

Kate refused to answer ANY of the 48 questions put to her by the PJ.

They REFUSED to return to Portugal for a reconstruction.

To this day they are still looking for YOUR money so they can continue suing the media and anyone else who do not believe the abduction scenario.

They paid off their mortgage from money DONATED to the Maddie SEARCH fund

They have become MULTI millionaires using their daughter as a money spinner..

Now listen to what an INNOCENT father says

.Mark Klass :These are his words,
“I never considered not cooperating
and i never considered hiring a lawyer”
“We bring these children into this world
and its our duty then
to do whatever we can to protect them
and that includes totally cooperating with law enforcement
right down the line”

Marc Klaas – Its Our Duty


Frances Gallagher's photo.
Sandra Crawford Yes, its like they lost a daughter and found a few million quid

James Kerr taking a lie detector? id like to see it!…but it means nothing in a British court of law so would be inadmissible in any trial..

Frances Gallagher
Frances Gallagher They refused to take a polygraph.

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