There are many of us who do care deeply what very high vibratory souls, like Sir Nicholas, have done and are still doing for children, animals and souls that need help. May we all thank Sir Nicholas for his courage and bravery at a desperate time when these children so needed him. And, may we learn and be encouraged always to put out our hands and help those in need and forget our needs and be selfless Whether you are Jew,Gentile,Arab Christian whatever nationality, religion. If you are peace loving and just wish to survive and have love for your fellow human. Because, in the end, there is only LOVE …….x

Wayne Llewellyn's photo.

Wayne Llewellyn

You know the sad thing about this post is that no-one will give a toss. This is such a shame – the man’s done more than many would even do TODAY.
people STINK some times.

I’ d like to say THANK YOU

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