Marbella now -tv show hosted by Mr Marbella Y Ms Marbella watch news ,views , guests , gossip ,interviews and much ,much more

‪#‎MarbellaNow32‬ already available on-line from the following link – Johnny Gates and Mi Marbella with Nicole King guests include Yanela Brooks,Kristina Szekely and Peter Wicke to name but a few…starting off with great footage and interviews from ‪#‎SanJuan2015‬ in San Pedro Alcántara (San Pedro de Alcántara) with some of ‪#‎Marbella‬‘s superstars.


We both just want to say thank you for watching ‪#‎MarbellaNow‬, thank you for your support and a big thank you to the team that makes it possible, in front of and behind the scenes… you’re all amazing… thank you Mr Marbella y Ms Marbella

Marbella Now's photo.
MS Marbella and Mr MARBELLA

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