Facing the question: What makes life worth living?

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

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Anas Jnena

Facing the question: What makes life worth living?

I first met Ahmed in early 2012, in a small park in Gaza’s Shuja’ya neighborhood – a place where my friends and I usually meet whenever there is a power cut in our neighborhood. The night air was dry and cool and I was waiting for my friends to arrive. On that particular day, however, they were late. Being the person I am, I patiently waited for them. I found a medium-sized rock with a flat surface at the corner of the park and decided to sit while I lost myself in a sea of thoughts. I was planning a prank to scare one of my best friends, Hamza.

In the still…

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IAEA confirms Nuclear Attack on Yemen,BY ISRAEL May 20, 2015 – YouTube

IAEA confirms Nuclear Attack on Yemen, May 20, 2015 – YouTube. ATTACK BY ISRAEL

“No one watching this video can have a second’s doubt that they are seeing an Israeli neutron bomb. Israel is the only nation that openly deploys neutron bombs, there is no one else.”

By Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith, Nuclear Physicist and former IAEA inspector Even the cheap video camera picked up the proton bombardment from a neutron bomb, as seen in the scintillation after the initial fireball. We expect Mossad and…


At gunpoint Palestinians are forced to strip naked in public making them feel they have neither safety nor dignity. This is racist, Apartheid ‘Israel’.

'Palestinian youth stripped naked made to walk like dog


'''“16 yr old boy stripped naked and used as human shield by Israel for 5 days. He was denied food, water and sleep – and mentally and physically abused, including lashed with a wire across his back. Israeli army stopped a family car near a West Bank protest over Gaza. Positioned their weapons in the windows of back doors, where toddlers were sitting and began to fire on protest. This is not an isolated incident. There is a clear, recorded pattern of Israel using Palestinian children as human shields during attacks on Gaza.” http://www.scriptonitedaily.com/2014/09/24/israel-was-tried-for-war-crimes-today-the-testimony-will-break-your-heart/'
'''On June 26th a young Palestinian photojournalist named Mohammed Omer was returning home from a triumphant European tour.

In London he had been awarded the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for journalism – the youngest recipient ever and one of the few non-Britons ever to receive the prestigious prize.

In Greece he had been given the 2008 journalism award for courage by the Union of Greek Journalists and had been invited to speak before the Greek parliament.

In Britain, the Netherlands, Greece, and Sweden he had met with Parliament Members and been interviewed on major radio and TV stations.

In the US several years before, he had been named the first recipient of the New America Media’s Best Youth Voice award.

In an Israeli border facility he was violently strip-searched at gunpoint, forced to do a grotesque sort of dance while completely naked, assaulted, taunted about his awards and his ethnicity, and finally, when Israeli officials feared he might have been fatally injured, taken by ambulance to a Palestinian hospital; if he died, it would not be while in Israeli custody...''

'''The Goldstone report on the Israeli assault on Gaza of a year ago. The 575 page report published by the U.N. Human Rights Council last September documents incident upon incident of Palestinians stripped naked at gunpoint. The statement “made to strip completely” occurs frequently, as Israeli soldiers enter houses in the northern parts of the Gaza strip. “He was stripped and made to stand alone, naked, for almost an hour…” “strip searches were carried out regularly…” “They were made to line against the wall before being asked to strip naked. They were made to stand, blindfolded, naked and exposed to the cold winds, for about three or four hours.” “The men were made to strip, sometimes naked, at different stages of their detention.” “Many of the men remained in their underwear, exposed to the harsh winter weather.”

In several instances, Goldstone alleged, these detainees were also tortured during interrogations. Or terrorized by being used as human shields: “Johnnies,” the Israelis called them, forced to enter other Palestinian houses to look for combatants.''

- See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2010/01/naked-in-abu-ghraibnaked-in-gaza-the-u-s-presss-double-standard#sthash.3NP3vmCe.dpuf'




2/Marbella’s Popular Mayor Angeles Muñoz Takes Election Victory in Marbella.NOT TRUE HER (THE CATS MOTHER ) GOT SO FEW VOTES THAT SHE HAS NOT GOT A MAJORITY AND NOBODY WANTS TO JOIN FORCES WITH HER pinochio=========) it,s getting bigger!

3/My good friend Angeles Muñoz is back where she belongs. Hail the Chief!m NOT TRUE SHE IS NOWHERE AT THE MOMENT  AND SOON TO BELONG IN THE HAS BIN, BIN PINOCHIO  ==============)OOH IT IS GETTING BIG!

4/WOW! will this put a few noses out!!! TRUE!!!! YOUR,S PINOCHIO

5)Congratulations Angeles you are a winner!!! NOT TRUE,  LOSER SHE IS PINOCHIO =======================) GOSH PINOCHIO JUST LOOK HOW BIG YOUR NOSE IS.


PP out

The four left-wing parties are meeting in San Pedro today



In Marbella:
Two possibilities remain, one with the current PP mayor,Ángeles Muñoz, who has had an overall majority for eight years, or the PSOE candidate José Bernal, the latter seems the more likely outcome.


Ángeles Muñoz – archive photo

The Marbella Izquierda Unida held a meeting last night and discussed the possibility of a four party pact, and after the meeting their spokesman, Miguel Díaz, said ‘A change in government could be a good option. It is a new idea which we can’t rule out’.
The wildcard in Marbella is the Costa del Sol Podemos party, and their candidate, José Carlos Nuñez, whose party also held a meeting last night where they decided unanimously to avoid the investiture of Ángeles Muñoz.

tomie jones says- that is the fat lady singing her final song then pinochio her hopes of joining forces with anybody else seems to be dashed. ahhhh pobre ,pobre angelita

hmm maybe she could work in real estate,that,s the place to be if your a hb.

Tony Blair must choose between making millions for himself and making peace

Tony Blair must choose between making millions for himself and making peace.He sides with Israel by the fact that though he is the peace envoy for the palestinians he has done nothing to speak up for them .Strange bed fellows the Jewish  Zionists sleep with .

Chris Doyle 12 March 2015. Posted in Tony Blair Watch

All Palestinians see is a ‘peace envoy’ who has not spoken out for them, nor demanded an end to the blockade or the occupation.

Tony Blair making millions in UAE

Tony Blair snuggling up to United Arab Emirates for a rumoured £45 million deal.

CAN THERE be anyone who is surprised by the latest revelations that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been pitching for $45m to advise the United Arab Emirates?

It was only last month that it was revealed in the Guardian that Blair is now being paid to advise the Serbian Prime Minister, just 16 years after he was involved in the bombing of Belgrade. Apparently, this contract was also funded by the UAE.

His business network increasingly has a scale of imperial grandeur. A pitch document reveals that his company, Tony Blair Associates, works in some 25 countries, around half of which are in Africa. If you add those states where his Faith Foundation operates, the figure rises to an impressive 50. We also discover that as of September 2014, the date of the document, Blair has offers to work in 10 more states.

All of this makes his boast that there is “virtually nowhere in the world right now where we could not work or provide the necessary contacts either politically or commercially” appear distinctly credible.

For sure a three-term British Prime Minister may well have something to offer to states including the UAE, even though the pitch document is frankly an indecipherable mess of business-speak and jargon such as “We can help create networks of connection that capitalise on such interest.”

One can but admire Blair’s Herculean efforts to drive this one-man business brand. After all, few former leaders have done it better.

But Blair has always been a man beset by conflicts and conflicts of interest. He is, of course, still the Quartet envoy to the Palestinians, charged with helping them to develop their economy and institutions.

To keep this role, Blair should have to answer the following:

Can he commit the required time and energy to the role, given all of his ever-increasing commitments elsewhere?

Can he work for a Middle East government and advise others whilst being seen to be truly impartial?

When he meets UAE ministers, can he push for donations to help Palestinians with the same zest that he uses to pursue his own business?

Can he comment in the media on regional conflicts such as Syria, Iraq and Libya, calling for intervention in all three cases whilst maintaining trust with the Palestinians? Does he adopt the UAE’s views on all of these issues?

Will he declare in full all of his business interests so that a proper, impartial assessment of any conflicts of interest can be made?

One of those conflicting interests is Egypt. According to reports, Blair is party to a UAE-funded contract to advise the Egyptian government. Yet Egypt is directly and on a daily basis involved in the Palestinian conflict. It is an active participant in the blockade of Gaza. When Blair goes to see President Sisi, it is never clear if he goes to talk politics or to talk business, to promote Egyptian business or Palestinian business. What comes first?

He has had this quartet role pretty much since the day he stood down as Prime Minister in June 2007, a parting thank-you from President George W Bush. It is an unpaid role with a huge expense bill. The question is, can he fulfil all these roles: the diplomat, the businessman, the media commentator and the faith promoter?

Blair himself has, even as prime minister, always asserted the centrality of the Palestinian issue in the Middle East. Listen to any speech he makes and he argues just how vital it is to resolve it. Logic dictates then that Blair would devote serious efforts to this.

So is this possible? His office will tell you that he has travelled to the Palestinian territories – the word occupied is rarely mentioned – over 100 times in this role.

How about the state of the Palestinian economy and institutions? The reality is that Palestinians are still largely aid-dependent, unable to trade and travel freely.

Tony Blair says that “Gaza is a metaphor for all that is wrong”. Palestinians in Gaza say the same about Tony Blair. The envoy has just found time in his busy schedule to visit the overcrowded, blockaded strip, it appears only for the third time since he has held the role (security is cited as the main obstacle).

Palestinians see a politician who has not spoken out for them, has not demanded an end to the blockade and to the occupation. Palestinian leaders were furious that Blair lobbied against recognition of Palestine at the UN. At best, Blair has got a few checkpoints removed in the West Bank.

As Blair globetrots from presidents to prime ministers, it sticks in the craw of Palestinians. He gains entree to the global elite as the Quartet envoy. He refreshes his black book of contacts, which he can then proceed to benefit from in his businesses. The envoy role gives him access, and access gives him contracts.

Imagine how Palestinians in Gaza feel, freezing to death, barely able to feed their children and drinking water not even fit for animals, when they see Blair failing to speak up for them but morphing into a 21st Century Croesus at their expense.

For years, I have been asking a question. How does a man working jointly for the UN, the EU, the US and Russia lose his job? Is it Ban Ki Moon who holds him to account? Who does he answer to? If all parties have to agree, then Blair probably has a role for life. The US State Department, as one senior US official told me recently, still sees him as “Saint Anthony”.

The respect in which Blair is held in the Washington beltway can be gauged bythe decision of Save the Children in the US to award Blair, the bomber of Baghdad, with its global legacy award last November.

Following his February Gaza visit, Blair wrote that “20 years after Oslo we need a new approach to Gaza and a new approach to peace”. Sherlock Holmes at his finest. But can someone about to mark eight years in his Palestine role seriously believe he can help birth a new approach? Does he have fresh ideas that he has been holding back all this time?

This shallow charade has to end. Blair has nothing new to add. He is a status quo figure at a time when the status quo is a disaster. Let us find someone who puts peace before dollars.

Government’s Double Standards on New Trade Union Law

Announced in the Queen’s Speech, the Government wants to push into law a new definition of what constitutes a legitimate win in a democratic vote. A trade union bill will say that to be legitimate any trade union ballot result calling for strike action will have to have achieved a turnout of at least 50%, plus any strike vote will have to have been backed by at least 40% of all those eligible to vote, i.e. everyone with a vote, not just those who cast a vote.

The problem is that if Members of Parliament decide that industrial action is illegitimate if it fails to win the support of at least 40% of all eligible voters, they will call their own legitimacy into question.

The current government is made up entirely of Conservatives, but not only did that party fail to win the support of 40% of the electorate, it even failed to win the support of 40% of just the people who turned up to vote. In fact the only party since the War to have won the support of over 40% of the electorate was the Labour party in 1951, and bizarrely they lost that election. Every other party to contest a postwar election – including the Conservatives who won in 1951 – failed to reach the 40% threshold now proposed.

If the 40% test is applied to MPs elected earlier this month, most would fall short. Of the Conservatives’ 330 MPs, for example, 274 failed to win the support of at least 40% of their electorates. Half of the MPs in Cabinet would not have been elected, including Business Secretary Sajid Javid who is the minister who will shepherd this new law through the Commons. As is too often the case, it is one rule for them and another rule for everybody else.

Outside of Parliament, Boris would have failed to win election as Mayor of London under this test. Is he an illegitimate Mayor, according to those who support these new rules? Not a single police and crime commissioner would have been elected. The list goes on and on.

Looking back in time, Thatcher would have failed to win election in 1979, 1983 and 1987. Not only did her Conservative party fail to win 40% support amongst the country’s voters but she herself failed to win that level of support even in her own constituency. Would the Conservatives pushing this new law consider her to have been an illegitimate MP leading an illegitimate government?

Even Churchill would have failed in his attempt to be elected as MP for Epping in the last general election before the Second World War, meaning he wouldn’t have been our wartime prime minister.

Ireland’s Yes vote in their referendum at the weekend, giving the green light to marriage between same-sex couples, would also have failed the Government’s proposed new test, with under 40% of Irish voters turning out to back the idea.

If passed, the new rules won’t even help achieve what they set out to achieve. Take the vote last year by the Royal College of Midwives over whether to take strike action in a dispute over pay. RCM members voted 82% to 18% for strike action, on a 49% turnout. Under the existing rules that was a clear mandate for action; under the proposed rules it would fall short because under 50% of eligible voters took part. But if, say, 1,000 more midwives had taken part in the ballot and they had all voted No, then turnout would have easily topped the 50% mark and the ballot result would therefore be deemed legitimate – so, more people opposing the strike would have meant that the strike could go ahead. Confused? That is because these new rules make no sense.

If the Government is genuinely concerned about the level of turnout in these ballots, one positive, constructive step it could take would be to modernise the rules so that, for example, those taking part can vote online. Currently those taking part can only vote by post. Make it easier for people to participate and you will help nudge turnout up and make any result more representative of the union’s membership.

I believe unions would work with the Government on changes like that. What I am sure unions will oppose, and the union of which I am chief executive will certainly oppose, is a draconian clampdown on the legitimate use of industrial action dressed up as a concern for turnout.

It is odd that a party which earlier this month won the support of just 24% of the electorate and which claims a mandate to govern for the next five years believes that a union that wins exactly the same level of support in a ballot on industrial action would not have a mandate to go on strike for five hours.

The problem that those wanting to bring in these new rules have is that by calling into question the legitimacy of strike ballots that don’t meet certain arbitrary thresholds, they call into question their own legitimacy.

Masturbating men ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,’ says Muslim televangelist.and here is me thinking i would only go blind !!!a baby in the palm of your hand.

After claiming that a man would meet his masturbating hand “pregnant in the afterlife” and “asking for its rights,” a Muslim televangelist has set Turkish social media aflame.

Self-styled televangelist Mücahid Cihad Han dived into some delicate matters on May 24 when he answered his viewers’ questions on private television station 2000 TV, Turkish media has reported. Han initially looked puzzled when a viewer said he “kept masturbating, although he was married, and even during the Umrah,” a pilgrimage to Mecca performed by Muslims which can be undertaken at any time of the year, in contrast to the Hajj.

After repeating the question a few times, Han claimed that Islam strictly prohibits masturbation as a “haram” (forbidden) act. “Moreover, one hadith states that those who have sexual intercourse with their hands will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, complaining against them to God over its rights,” he said, referring to what he claimed to be a saying of Prophet Muhammad.

“If our viewer was single, I could recommend he marry, but what can I say now?” the televangelist added, advising the viewer to “resist Satan’s temptations.”

Is masturbation forbidden in Islam?

“Istimna,” the Arabic term for masturbation that Han also referred to, is a controversial issue in Islam, as there have been varying opinions on its permissibility throughout history. The Quran has no clear reference to masturbation and the authenticity of many hadiths is questionable.

Despite Han’s assertive religious stance, only a limited number of Islamic interpretations categorize masturbation as “haram,” while most of others call it a “makruh” (disliked) act. Many of the mainstream Islamic interpretations even allow it in certain conditions, like if the act could be used to avoid the temptation of an extramarital affair.

Han, who has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter, was mocked on Turkish social media on May 25, after newspapers published his latest television “fatwa.”

“Are there any hand-gynaecologists in the afterlife? Is abortion allowed there?” one Twitter user asked, while mentioning Han’s Twitter user name.

“So you think that being pregnant is a God-given punishment?” another user asked.

predictions of every ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theorist ever. That might not be what happens, of course; and I hope to God it isn’t.

For the record, we still don’t know why the French Police-Commissioner Helric Fredou committed suicide on the *day* of the Charlie Hebdo attack: but there were stories circulating very soon after that that Fredou had, during the immediate investigation of the Paris attacks, issued arrest warrants for a number of American government officials, allegedly including members of the Obama administration. We might be justified in speculating that Commissioner Fredou knew something was being brought about through the Charlie Hebdo false-flag (something with implications beyond just France) and was ‘suicided’ to make sure he didn’t go public with it.

The point is that deploying the military in large numbers into the streets in France would’ve been unthinkable but for the false-flag catalyst. Whether this same sort of military intrusion into public life is about to occur in other European countries, the UK and America and Canada too is one possibility, with additional ‘false-flags’ applied to act as a catalyst (witness the National Guard being sent in to Baltimore). A France-style militarisation certainly appears to be about to happen in the Southern states of America. The West in general might be about to be turned into a series of Military/Police States, fulfilling the predictions of every ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theorist ever. That might not be what happens, of course; and I hope to God it isn’t