NY Times Applauds While Israel Robs Palestine of Water

 Its Gaza’s very popular water park. Who would believe it?  NO WATER ,NO PEOPLE. There are those who would have you believe this is genuine . There is no water shortage and all is well in the land of the Palestinians concentration  camp.They are all happy jolly people living under the  wing of the loving and kind protection of the Israelis.You know just like the germans with the Jews in the final solution, that is what the red cross were told, kind father figures protecting the jews from harm and abuse. Did you know pigs have grown wings and are flying now , If you believe pigs can fly you will believe the rest . 


The New York Times invites us to gaze with wonder on the miracles of Israeli technology today, with a page 1 photo and story touting the innovations that have saved the country from drought. Because of wise policies and applied science, we learn, “there is plenty of water in Israel.”

The Times never tells us, however, that a significant number of those who reside on the land are seriously deprived of water: Palestinians in some areas of the West Bank are forced to survive on only 20 liters of water a day per person, well below the World Health Organization minimum of 60 liters. In Gaza 90 percent of the water is unfit to drink.

Meanwhile, Israelis in West Bank settlements “generally have access to as much running water as they please,” according to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, and Israelis over all use three times as much water

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