Ricky Gervais on Noah s Ark – YouTube. GOD IS GAY?

Ricky Gervais on Noah s Ark – YouTube.

NOW ARE YOU SITTING comfortably then he will begin (ricky gervais)

You religious folk ( CHRISTIANS , MUSLIMS ,JEWS ETC) expect ,no demand we take you seriously , have respect  for your faith. Yet people who believe in aliens and alien abductions ,ufos , conspiracy theorists , regards 9/11, pearl harbour, sinking of the titanic not taking place,princess Diane,s murder and ,more ,much more. YOU TURN ROUND AND CALL US LOONIES AND NEED LOCKING UP IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL.

Wait a minute you’re the ones that believe in the bible old testament , Just spare 14 minutes and watch ricky and listen to what he has to say , then tell me to take you seriously and respect you. MY GOD!YOU LOT NEED TREATMENT LOCKING UP AND THROW THE KEY AWAY , YOUR A DANGER TO YOURSELVES AND MORE IMPORTANTLY TO US THE UNBELIEVERS , HUMANISTS , ATHEISTS .You really expect people to take you seriously, oh by the way if god existed he definitely was gay as well as being a  psychopathic, mass murderer . GO ON WATCH IT, THEN POST ON YOUR BLOGS THAT THE BIBLE IS RIGHT CORRECT, RESPECT YOU,RE ALL A LOAD OF NUTTERS ROUND THE BEND,.

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