Russell Brand Mocks David Cameron With Zinger Tweet About PM’s Football Blunder And Bullingdon Club Membership

UPDATE: Daily Mail And Murdoch Press Have Gone Full Nuclear On ‘Mockney’ Miliband. well they would would they not.

Russell Brand has mocked David Cameron for calling him “a joke” after Ed Miliband visited the comedian for an interview.

Miliband’s late-night clandestine interview with Russell Brand has set off a political firestorm today with David Cameron mercilessly attacking the Labour leader for submitting to an interview with the comedian turned activist.

But some of Cameron’s recent blunders gave Brand an open goal.

Brand sent a tweet that mocked Cameron’s membership of the Bullingdon Club while a student at Oxford – a stark contrast to the “real people” Cameron claimed the election was about.

It also mocked his football blunder when the prime minister forgot which football team he supports.

TJ. Well for one thing I am glad. The uk election will be on the 7th may . Note i am a british born person .and intend to post about the election. I AM AFTER THE PARTY THAT TAKES CAMERON AND THE TORIES DOWN  . I AM AN AVID supporter OF RUSSELL BRAND. YES MY allegiance IS WITH THE LABOUR PARTY  ,THE GREENS AUSSIE LADY, THE WELSH SPITFIRE AND THE SCOTTISH TERRIER MORE OF THEM LATER.

What i am so pleased about is we are not going to get anything from the irish /israeli faction,It is not their business, we here are still going to cover the world topics but you are going to get a coverage of the election,different side the inside,the rotten belly of david cameron and the facist loonie nigel farage . To the extent we may abandon our crusade for the moment ,so please feel free to take full advantage on all other topics APART FROM THE UK ELECTIONS MAUREEN BATCHHEAD. JUST STAY OUT OF UK ELECTIONS .YOU WILL NOT WIN, I PROMISE YOU THAT .

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