TRE Telethon – Cudeca – Marbella, Spain

PhotoMarbella – Promotional Video – TRE Telethon – Cudeca – Marbella, Spain – YouTube. click here for video

An interesting video about Cudeca and TRE telethon, this is 2014 they only raised 15000€.

This year, they on the day raised 30,000€ double on last year plus 20,000€ beforehand making raised in total 50,000€, half what they wanted to raise but far more than the year before. I have been critical about this year,s event but that criticism can only harden and make TRE go out to prove me wrong and raise more.Please consider going back to holding the event at Christmas TRE you will not regret it, combining party events before hand, then the telethon, you could make that magical figure of 100,000€.

FOOTNOTE-      Brought  tears to my eyes seeing Craig James, and jack the blind golfer(he was not blind, but that was my nickname for him ), both dead now, both cared for by Cudeca-


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