Olive Press campaign to stop kickbacks between lawyers and estate agents

Olive Press campaign to stop kickbacks between lawyers and estate agents gains support of Andalucia law firms

A number of legal firms and estate agents have already backed the campaign

LAST UPDATED: 20 Mar, 2015 @ 21:12


 the unethical practice of lawyers giving estate agents ‘kickbacks’ for using them has gained the support of a number of legal firms.

Launched this month, our ongoing probe aims to stop the bent practice of lawyers paying estate agents unethical commissions of up to 20% for awarding work.

And the appeal for clean lawyers to step forward has already gained momentum.
“I am very pleased that someone is finally exposing this,” said lawyer Adolfo Martos Gross from Gutierrez del Alamo & Martos Abogados, in Marbella.

“I believe that up to 70% of the top firms offer commissions to agencies and it should be stopped.”

Fellow lawyer Javier Lopez from MT Lawyers in Fuengirola added: “Apart from being against our ethical professional rules, such practices spoil the reputation of Spanish lawyers.

“It generates mistrust in the Spanish economy and rewards unprofessional agents who are more concerned about their commission than in providing an independent quality service: “It is in absolutely everybody’s interest that the practice ends.”

Other law firms also adding weight to our campaign include My Lawyer in Spain, Lawbird, Anderson PCL, Temple Cambria, Poveda & Associates Lawyers and Paradigm Family Law.

While we are still appealing for lawyers to step forward, we are now extending our appeal to gain the support of clean estate agents.

Agents already supporting the campaign include Panorama Properties, Cluttons and Terra Meridiana.

TOMIE JONES SAYS- This racket has been practiced for years and it is not just the lawyers that are corrupt by participating in this the estate agents are just as dirty. .Estate agents need no qualifications to practice, any tom, dick,  harry, charlie, brian ,morris, paddy, or andy can be an estate agent.There are guidelines, moral rules that estate agents should abide by, many do not, it is dog eats dog among the different estate agents and a no holes barred attitude when it comes to selling a property. I am not going to quote a specific example, that multiple selling prices on a property is not uncommon, where 3 or four agents are trying to sell the same property.This was a recent case when a johnny come lately walked into the business and straight away participated in this sharp practise, the only qualification he has is the gift of the gab and sell at all costs attitude He claimed ignorance, did not know it was sold.Maybe the situation has settled down now and he is taking a more professional style of his job. It was all over the media sites originally.The rest of the profession did not seem to take kindly to his entrance into the field of property selling.Maybe a few simple questions first to the executive, qualifications , business experience, and if your not comfortable with them ask for another member of staff to deal with you ,you know what they say fools rush in where angels fear to tread.The olove press newspaper is doing a great job highlighting the pitfalls and recommending the companies you can trust ,keep it up JON YOU ARE DOING A FINE JOB.

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