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tomie jones says.-OK we are normally serious political correct here ,well not all the time . So i want to lighten up a bit get away from the hatred , and persecution that comes out of other blogs the next few postings may be too much for some but well we need humour to bare up against the forest of hatred . Iusually don,t side with the tree huggers , but I,m starting to be a little more open minded.







Raven and Blues’s


An hour of great music from cool blues to hot jazz – give yourself a treat at

Even the Louvre (Paris not Lens) feels the need to display the Raven & Blues playlist - get the full audio experience with a right click at

Even the Louvre (Paris not Lens) feels the need to display the Raven & Blues playlist – get the full audio experience with a right click at

Unite and Write for Gaza – Charity Dinner I AM WHY DON,T YOU?


Unite and Write for Gaza – Charity Dinner

Islamic Relief

Friday, 13 March 2015 from 19:00 to 22:30 (GMT)

London, United Kingdom

Ticket Information

Adult Ticket (Meal included) 150 Tickets 13 Mar 2015 £10.50 £0.00 Ticket Quantity Select
Child Ticket Aged 3 -12 (Meal Included) 150 Tickets 13 Mar 2015 £5.50 £0.00 Ticket Quantity Select

Event Details

Join Islamic Relief for an evening of inspiration and hope.

Let us bring hope and dignity to the people of Gaza – let’s help rebuild their lives. Unite & Write for Gaza!

Enjoy an evening of inspiration at the elegant Imperial Venue, relax and unwind while you enjoy a 3 course sit down meal along with entertainment including Story Telling, Nasheeds, Auction and Writting Competition.


Do you have questions about Unite and Write for Gaza – Charity Dinner? Contact Islamic Relief

When & Where

E11 4PA
Imperial Venue
619 High Road
E11 4PA London
United Kingdom

Friday, 13 March 2015 from 19:00 to 22:30 (GMT)


Islamic Relief

Palestinians to become ICC member from April 1, UN confirms

TOMIE JONES SAYS ,well a step in the right direction some would say , APRIL FOOLS DAY NO LESS ,WHO ARE THE FOOLS ?
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (Reuters / Enrique Castro-Mendivil)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Palestine will join the International Criminal Court on April 1, announced UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday. The Palestinians will be able to sue Israel for war crimes, a move the Israeli administration has consistently opposed for decades.



The UN treaty website says that due to the court’s procedures “the statute will enter into force for the State of Palestine on April 1, 2015.”

Along with the ICC application, the UN chief approved other sets of documents, enabling Palestine to join 16 international agreements, conventions and treaties.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed the ICC application documents on the last day of 2014, following the UN Security Council’s resolution on December 30, which rejected Palestine’s official bid for statehood, a document vetoed by the US in support of Israel.


The Palestinian delegation submitted its ICC application on January 2.


Israel’s immediate reaction was negative.

“We will not let Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers and officers be dragged to the International Criminal Court in The Hague,” Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, AFP reported.

Israeli Prime Minister and leader of the ruling rightwing Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Israeli Prime Minister and leader of the ruling rightwing Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)


The Israeli administration immediately applied financial pressure on the Palestinian Authority, freezing the transfer of half a billion shekels (over $127 million) in monthly tax revenues it collected on behalf of the Palestinians.


The US joined the financial pressure on the Palestinian Authority on Monday, when the Obama administration announced a review of America’s annual $440 million aid package to the Palestinians. As AP pointed out, once the Palestinian Authority apply any case against Israel to the International Criminal Court, US financial help to Palestine will cease immediately under American law.

Joining the ICC will give the Palestinian Authority new and powerful leverage to make Israel more compliant regarding withdrawal from the occupied territories.

International Criminal Court's building (ICC) in The Hague (AFP Photo / Vincent Jannink)

International Criminal Court’s building (ICC) in The Hague (AFP Photo / Vincent Jannink)

In anticipation of the ICC bid last week, Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour announced the Palestinians will prosecute Israel for crimes committed during the war in Gaza last summer. According to Mansour, Palestinians will also sue Israel for constructing settlements on the occupied Palestinian territory.

In late 2014, the Palestine stepped up its efforts to gain international recognition as a sovereign state. It came following the failure of the latest round of US-brokered peace talks with Israel, which was initiated after the bloody 50-day armed conflict in Gaza that left some 2,120 Palestinians and 68 Israelis dead.

Unlike before, this time around the aspirations of the Palestinians have found much wider international support, as many countries have openly spoken in favor of creating a sovereign Palestinian state.

IBSI’s exploitation of African refugees to promote anti-Palestinian agenda


tomie jones-yes more truth , factual , truth ,not half truths,or ranting about retaliation ,hatred , let,s retaliate kill , slaughter the other side ,which other side? there are so many. THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, NOT LIKE THE HYSTERICAL HALF TRUTHS AND INNUENDOS THAT ARE SPOKEN ELSEWHERE. I will continue to campaign for the rights of the down trodden , expose abuse of all kinds. As i have in the past ,CND, NICARAGUA, CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA,THESE WERE ALL LOST CAUSES THAT HAVE WON THROUGH .It has taken many years and many lives but it happens the voice of the democratic person wins through in the end .

Exposed: IBSI’s exploitation of African refugees to promote anti-Palestinian agenda

We’d like to take this moment to share with you the latest and one of the most offensive and disingenuous campaigns we have seen in a long while. The image above was one of many shared by Dumisani Washington who, according to his Twitter page, is the Diversity Outreach Coordinator for the right-wing and notably Islamophobic organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and the Director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI).

We’ve all heard about and discredited CUFI. The organization’s latest annual convention fell during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, and on the thirteenth day of Israel’s assault, attendees applauded at the death and destruction Israel brought to the Gaza Strip. It was as though they sought an encore. CUFI, run by some of the most fanatical pro-Israel Evangelicals this country has ever seen, is ironically more pro-Israel than it is pro-United States.

IBSI, though, is another story. They appear relatively unestablished and very few appear to take them seriously, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the kind of inflammatory, exploitative, and fictitious material they publish


Exploitation of African refugees
Dumisani Washington tweeted the following image to us earlier this month. In the background is a photograph of a group of African youth falsely credited to Sharia Unveiled. It is actually an AFP file photograph. (Original photograph here.)

Inscribed on the front of the image is the following message: “Hamas is funding their ‘resistance’ with the money they receive from selling African slaves. Where is the justice for these African refugees?”

To begin, this image is an obtuse response to increasing international condemnation of the way Israel treats African refugees. An estimated 50-60,000 African refugees currently seek asylum in Israel, but the Israeli government — with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm — has committed itself to deporting these Africans back to the horrors from which they have escaped or otherwise forcing them into containment camps, restricting their movement and civil liberties similar to the way Israel restricts Palestinians, and rejecting every single African application to convert to Judaism. They are modern-day untouchables, all in the name of racial and religious purity, as independent journalist David Sheen’s extensive documentation and research reveals. (In this footage filmed by Sheen, crowds of Israelis — politicians included — protested the presence of the African refugees, calling them “slaves” and accusing them of dirtying the Jewish state.)

To counter the mounting pressure, groups like IBSI have adopted a dehumanizing and illogical social media strategy. Not only does IBSI try so unconvincingly hard to whitewash Israel’s anti-African policies, but it also suggests an absurd scenario in which Hamas somehow goes out of its way to kidnap or purchase African refugees from Israel or elsewhere, sells them in some kind of an underground market to some kind of indentureship, forces them into labor in parts of the Gaza Strip, and uses the proceeds to purchase weaponry.

This is one of IBSI’s most recognizable and absurd talking points. Rather unsurprisingly, it is based on a tenuous claim made by a third-party contributor to The Times of Israel. The article, which reads as a screed against Hamas even though it actually has little to do with Hamas, cites the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s recent report on global human trafficking which, incidentally, contains no information or statistics on Hamas. Similarly, Hamas’s mention is nowhere to be found in the latest 200-page report on human trafficking in the Sinai authored by the same researchers cited at the end of the Times of Israel piece. Israel and Egypt, however, are both implicated dozens of times at least. (PDF versions of the two reports are included below.)

Serial rapists for Zionism
Worse still, IBSI, like many of its supporters and funders, exploits African refugees to make fallacious political statements and to peddle virulently anti-Palestinian sentiments, all while pledging allegiance to Israel and its unabashedly racist laws prohibiting Africans from integrating into Israel and “threaten[ing] the social fabric… and our national identity.” Capitalizing on the misfortunes of African refugees, bluntly and insensitively asserting some kind of patriarchal fraternity with the refugees to disingenuously build a false sense of legitimacy, and neglecting to address the very real abuses these refugees face at the hands of the Israeli government are just some of the many problems for which IBSI is best known.

Incidentally, the group is also responsible for its dull and uncritical support of Eldridge Cleaver, a former leader of the Black Panther Party who has been shunned by many of his colleagues at the time for his history of sexualized violence. This came to our attention only recently, after Dumisani Washington tweeted and IBSI retweeted that Eldridge Cleaver had at one point been anti-Israel before he committed himself to Zionism.

Not long ago, a photograph depicting a Palestinian Liberation Organization delegation meeting with a Black Panthers Party delegation at the 1969 Pan-African Cultural Festival in Algeria began to circulate the various social media platforms. As more and more communities stand up to the structural racism and state-sponsored violence that Black Americans are forced to deal with, the photograph went viral in what we firmly believe was a well-intentioned gesture of solidarity. Black American and Palestinian struggles intersect.

But upon further investigation, we discovered that the photograph was actually a cropped version of an original photograph in which Eldridge Cleaver was also in attendance. As of this moment, we cannot confirm the identities of the other individuals in the frame. Cleaver’s presence, however, forces us to reassess the photograph and its value. Cleaver was a serial rapist and despite his involvement with the Black Panther Party, his chauvinism, his unapologetic history of sexual violence, and later his religious fundamentalism forced other Black Panther Party members to distance themselves from him. It is unclear whether or not the Palestinian delegation at the 1969 conference was aware of Cleaver’s troubling history. It is also unclear the extent to which his history impacted his role within the Black Panther Party.

For an organization claiming to represent the better interests of Black America to champion Cleaver in such a way is an abandonment of principle and an egregious oversight. Cleaver is discredited in many, if not most, circles. Of course, we are in no place to speak about how communities should or should not appreciate Cleaver so we will remind ourselves of our boundaries. But such uncritical support of Cleaver backfires and says more about the organization responsible for championing him than anything else.

Guided by anti-Palestinian sentiment
A cursory look at IBSI’s Twitter page, which bears a striking resemblance to supermarket tabloids, should further entrench any doubts you had over the legitimacy and accuracy of the group. Under Dumisani Washington’s leadership, IBSI singles out “Arab privilege” (because we all know how great it is to be an Arab in U.S.-invaded or Israel-occupied Middle East territories right now), insists that Africans are being enslaved somewhere in the Gaza Strip, tries ruthlessly and without success to break Black-Palestinian solidarity efforts, legitimizes the Israeli military’s actions because of its alleged diversity, and falsely characterizing random people — like former slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass — as Zionist or as integral to the Zionist project.

The organization perpetuates three basic myths: one, that Gaza is a still-undiscovered major slave-trading hub; two, that Hamas is a Ku Klux Klan offshoot based out of the Gaza Strip; and three, that photographs of the few smiling ‘disturbances in Israel’s social fabric’ will somehow distract the public from the looming shadow of, say, Israel’s occupation, its treatment of asylum-seeking Africans, its persistent land annexation and illegal settlement building, its violation of countless international laws, its systematic demolition of Palestinian historical and cultural sites, its government’s shift further to the right, its destruction of scarce environmental resources, its history of marginalizing non-Jews as well as Jews who are critical of Israel’s human rights violations, etc.

By shouting these fabrications repeatedly and with conviction, Dumisani Washington is convinced that IBSI can make an impact and convince people, especially people of color, to turn to Israel and to embrace it as some sort of sacred and infallible shrine. IBSI has no integrity and no real guiding principle except for a severe disdain of all things Muslim, Arab, or Palestinian. After all, expecting anything else from a propaganda organization that banks on distorting facts, falsifying stories, and manipulating the public is expecting far too much.

Cited Reports
UNODC. Global Report on Trafficking in Persons. 2014. PDF (here).
van Reisen, Estefanos, Rijken. The Human Trafficking Cycle: Sinai and Beyond. 2014. PDF (here).








The Long Journey 26 11 2013d – YouTube the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were expelled by or fled the Zionist army and militias when the state of Israel was established in Palestine.

The Long Journey 26 11 2013d – YouTube.PLEASE take the time to watch this , please give the land  back to the palestinians. Am I BEING ANTI SEMITIC BY SAYING THIS ? If I am so be it. I just want the palestinians to have what is rightfully theirs not too much to ask,is it .?

Exhibit of iconic 1948 photos — ‘The Long Journey’ — opens today in NYC


 on January 23, 2015 18 Comments the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were expelled by or fled the Zionist army and militias when the state of Israel was established in Palestine.

The UN agency that deals with Palestinian refugees has opened a new digital archive including many images from the Nakba,

And Alwan for the Arts in New York and UNRWA USAare honoring the archive with an exhibition in New York of iconic photographs from 1948 through to the present day. The exhibit opens today downtown and will run for three weeks, culminating in an auction of photos on the night of Thursday February 12.

The exhibition is called “The Long Journey,” and you can see it for free any afternoon during the week from 2-5. The press release is below. Here is a preview of some of these wrenching photos, which will some day be inscribed in American consciousness the way that photos of the Jewish experience of eastern Europe are.

This one is very famous. We often hear the words “forced into the sea” — these people had that experience.

Iconic UNRWA photo of Palestinian refugees

Or this one could be viewed with a reading from S. Yizhar’s book Khirbet Khizeh, in which he describes the noble/defiant expression on the face of a Palestinian woman being forced to leave her village and get into a transport truck:

UNRWA photograph from  1948

The children’s photo at the top of this post is reminiscent in its beauty and innocence of Annemarie Jacir’s great movie, When I Saw You, about militant refugees in Jordan. Is it any surprise that many of these young people became radicalized, and built their lives around the idea of getting their homes and country back?

Here is the press release from UNRWA USA:

UNRWA USA, in partnership with Alwan for the Arts, presents “The Long Journey,” a collection of historical photographs (1948-2014) from the Archives of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, recently exhibited at the UN Headquarters.

On view at Alwan:
Friday, January 23 -February 12, 2015
Monday through Friday
2pm-6pm daily, or by appointment

In this 1967 photo from the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, archive, Palestine refugees flee across over the Jordan river on the damaged Allenby Bridge during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Closing Reception & Charity Auction:
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photographs to be auctioned with all proceeds/reception donations benefiting UNRWA’s Gaza emergency relief fund. (Donations through UNRWA USA are tax-deductible.)

Free and open to the public

The Long Journey is an exhibition that recounts the life and history of the Palestine refugees since 1948 through a selection of iconic pictures and films from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)’s archives. The exhibition draws public attention on human stories and the works of UNRWA in the Middle East.

In this exhibit, UNRWA unveils the first part of its newly digitized archive, which consists of over half a million negatives, prints, slides, films and videocassettes covering all aspects of the life and history of Palestine refugees from 1948 to the present day. The first group of iconic photographs are part of the exhibition, The Long Journey, which opens on 23 January, 2015, at Alwan for the Arts in Lower Manhattan.

UNRWA’s archive has been inscribed on the UNESCO ‘Memory of the World’ register, which includes collections of outstanding cultural and historical significance. In tandem with the digitized archive, UNRWA is also launching a website,, where the 1,948 images will be available to media, academics, writers and others who wish to study, explore or just have a window into the world of Palestine refugees from 1948 to the present day.

The Long Journey is organized and endorsed by UNRWA USA.

The video “The Long Journey” records Lebanese photographer and filmmaker George Nehmeh, whose iconic footage and photography from Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon working for UNRWA from the 60’s through the 90’s is displayed in this exhibit, as he retraces his steps years later.