Playboy Model Cathy Schmitz On Why She Fell For 82-Year-Old Multi-Millionaire Richard Lugner The Huffington Post UK | By Natasha Hinde Email

Cathy Schmitz is a former Playboy model and is just 25 years old. Her husband, Richard Lugner is 57 years her senior, at 82.

He also happens to be an Austrian multi-millionaire.

Since the couple’s marriage one year ago, critics have questioned the authenticity of their relationship. In other words, they believe Schmitz is a “gold digger”.

Keen to set the record straight, the couple appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk frankly about their love for one another.

On the programme, Phillip Schofield didn’t hold back on asking Lugner the question on everybody’s lips: “Were you anxious that Cathy just wanted you for your money?”

Lugner responded that he’s “always anxious” and went on to joke that “ladies are very dangerous”.

Despite his fear of women and their “dangerous” streak, Schmitz managed to convince Lugner that they were the perfect match – and the pair married last year in Vienna. Since then, they’ve been living together in the Austrian capital.

And, just like any newly-wed couple, Lugner says that they’ve had to “learn to be married”.

Before meeting her Austrian billionaire beau, Schmitz was hoping to further her career as a TV presenter in Germany. But, after falling for the successful businessman, she faced two options – love or her career.

Or as Schofield puts it: “Millionaire husband or career.”

Obviously she chose love (or millionaire husband). But the former Playboy model insists that despite loving the luxury lifestyle, it isn’t all about the money and that there’s much more depth to their relationship than meets the eye.

“I love everything about him, he’s very charming, he’s lovely, he tells the truth,” she said on the TV show.

“I dated a lot of young boys – and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. But the boys just look after themselves. All they want is to watch football and go out with lots of women.”

“I have a six-year-old daughter, so I need a man who wants to be a man and have a family. Not a boy who wants to just look after himself.”

For those who’ve not heard of Lugner, he’s a successful Austrian businessman who made his millions in the construction industry and is well-known for building the shopping mall in Vienna.

He has often paid female celebrities to attend the Vienna Opera Ball as his guests including Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and more recently, Kim Kardashian – who he then went on to brand as “annoying”.

Lugner has previously been married four times, but insists that on this occasion he was careful. He said that after his previous divorce he never wanted to marry again – until, of course, he met German Playboy bunny Schmitz.

TOMIE JONES SAYS-57 YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE , MAKES OUR FRIENDS  WHO HAVE HAD AFFAIRS WITH GIRLS 40 odd YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE .WELL AOK . The difference with this old man and our guys  are , he dated her and married her when she was 24 oh and he has pots of money.











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