Did Michael Brown | Beat and Rob An Old Man – YouTube

Did Michael Brown | Beat and Rob An Old Man – YouTube.

does what occurs on this video warrant what  occurs on the next video? the two occurrences do not relate or justify death ? 6 bullets somewhat overkill. Those that are pushing this video are right brown was not an angel , they are saying look look see he was a bully beats up an old man . so they say he deserved to die. OVERKILL , RADICAL, HE BEING BLACK DESERVED TO DIE, LEAST THAT IS WHAT OUR WHITE RACIST ,ZIONISTS ARE IMPLYING ,YES THIS VITRIOLIC LANGUAGE THAT IS BEING EXPRESSED IS COMING FROM A SELF-CONFESSED ZIONIST .ONE OF THOSE THAT AGREES WITH THE GENOCIDE ISRAEL IS COMMITTING ON THE PALESTINIANS. WATCH BOTH AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP.

remarks passed elsewhere  “Well  what I say is,Michael Brown , the so call ‘innocent‘ (scumbag).That Michael Brown that was shot by a white policeman that  started riots across America. He was known  as The gentle GIANT Yea? Yea well he wasn.t he was a scumbag and got what was coming “. This remark and more are coming out of one of those that are pushing out the video. There not biased , white rasict extremists oh no not at all.

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