Lewis Hamilton voted Sports Personality of the year !! WHAT A SHIT!

Lewis Hamilton voted Sports Personality of the year !! Even if you ignore the fact that there is not much of a personality there and his pet dog lives a better life than 90% of the population and Lewis actively participates in multiple really horrible shady tax avoidance schemes including turning his back on his own country of birth, to live in exile to save a few quid, then once again another fine choice and role model voted for by the taxed to the teeth general public of Britain to a man who was funded by your taxes in the early years of his career and has given zero back to his country when his skill was nurtured and success came his way !! Just saying, he literally told the country to ” Go fuck it’s self ” and the country gave him an award for it !!

Lewis said in his speech that ” ‘I could not have done this without my amazing team, my family, my dad who once had four jobs to help me and my brother.”

Guess what Lewis !! your dad paid his taxes on everyone of those jobs, the same as nearly 6 million other people do now, who also have multiple jobs, so you and me could be safely born in a NHS hospital, and you could be given the chance and opportunities by your country of birth to become a world champion, and for no other reason than pure selfish greed you deserted your country and gave your taxes to the millionaires playground of Monaco, who did exactly what for you and your family when you had nothing !! Did Monaco allow you to use its hospitals and doctors and educate you while your Dad worked his four jobs ? You should now drape yourself in a Monaco flag because clearly that is where your loyalty now lies..

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