Raonic survives toilet incident to keep London hopes alive

We’ve all been there – away in a foreign land, desperate for the loo, but unable to find a bathroom up to the standards we’d expect.

Not a pleasant experience by any means, but imagine having to hunt for a suitable toilet in the middle of a gruelling tennis match at the Paris Masters?

Well that’s what happened to Canada’s Milos Raonic who had just dropped the second set to Jack Sock of the United States when nature called.

“Whoever the escort who took me was, took me into a bathroom that had no seats on the toilet,” the seventh-seeded Raonic, who won 6-3 5-7 7-6(4) explained.

“So I didn’t want to squat, so I kept saying, ‘let’s go to another one’, and we ended up going to the locker room.”

Of course the Paris fans were unaware of his turmoil, and so booed Raonic on his return to court.

Then again, had they known what he was going through, they may have been equally unsympathetic – after all, this is a country which popularised the seatless lavatory:

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A French squat toilet

A French squat toilet


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