Jon Snow’s return from Gaza, Palestine July 2014 – YouTube

Jon Snow’s return from Gaza, Palestine July 2014 – YouTube. I ask you please watch and listen to the words of Jon  Snow a long term respected serious news reporter .

Not a variety quiz host come dj recently retired to become an estate agent posting half truths and innuendos and supporting Israel in every step they take to cleanse the Gaza strip of human life .


Israeli sympathisers are asking why the surrounding Arab nations are so quiet regarding the current Israel- Gaza conflict. Destabilisation of the region over recent years with backing from US and European administrations has worked towards a pre-determined point where Israel’s worst offences yet, which have come after a prolonged economic blockade (which itself needs scrutiny from the international community), are being unchallenged by those surrounding countries formerly allied with Palestine, and moreover, an international media, whose reporting of the situation is at best ignorant of the situation and at worst, complicit in the goal of Israel to continue to it’s genocide, with Palestinian lives seemingly less valued than those of Israel, or those of the people who died on the MH17 as another example. Jon Snow is a man of courage, compassion and intelligence and I thank him for this piece here below.

Saturday 26th July 2014 Jon Snow recounts the scene in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, where doctors struggle to treat adults and children wounded by Israeli attacks.
  • Jack Harlow It helps Zionist sympathisers to ask why the dysfunctional Arab states that surround Israel don’t try to help, because it superficially deflects attention away from why their own government is collectively punishing women and children for the sins of the democratically elected authority in that open prison that is Gaza. Israelis should be asking themselves why Hamas get the support they do. I suggest it might be because life had been made so wretched by the apartheid of the Zionist regime, that Hamas becomes the only kind of organisation that can offer any kind of resistance. Which in itself is sad. But can they not see this?






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