paedophiles abound or has it always been the case?

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE I think, men not women seducers of little girls or boys. age difference is not relevant.13 year old girls or boys seduced by men 5 times their age .If it only stopped there it would be bad enough but it does not these pre deters prey on the young, innocent.grooming them to become sex toys when that fateful day arrives , the day that the teenager is the age of consent.Everything changes. It is ALL OK FINE THEN if both parties agree then it is party time.
wait what changes, the man becomes a bit of a rogue as a posed to a pervert, deviant,child molester.Think about it how many men do you know to have slept with under aged girls?Wait think before you say none. yes you see we could all name one or more.Oh don,t do it though they get very angry threaten to sue you for defamation of character, the female involved usually gets anonymity why because they are the innocent hard done by party?
We are all quick to judge, yet what is the normal ,ok age difference between male and female.12 years is ok?male 24 -female 12 ? male65 female 16?and before you turn your nose up the richer you are the more the young girls are attracted to the older man. Showbiz is full of age differences.That is ok seems, to be you have to be rich enough to support the young bride and spare a thought for the wife who has been there for the mean times and is now cast, humiliated on to the scrape heap of life her only fault being too old .

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